10 Etiquette Rules for Photography Business

In professional life and even social situations can be uncomfortable, where you must follow certain rules of etiquette that will be in your favor and make you gain more points, such as:

  • You should always arrive timely, get there early when you have a professional commitment, even if it is an ordinary day, because it shows an attitude of professionalism, organization and respect for others;
  • If you arrive late to a meeting, you should notify your customer in advance, but if it is a last minute and unexpected problem, call your customer right now, telling him what time you think you should arrive;
  • You should dress up properly with a professional image, essentially to ensure your credibility;
  • Always mention your first and last name, although present you should also pay attention to the presentation of other people names;
  • Whenever someone appears you must never sit, you should always get up and present yourself, for a sign of respect and education, and also if you want to be taken seriously;
  • Always try to be the first to initiate the handshake showing professionalism and respect;
  • Never touch the phone unless an emergency happens, leave it in your office or put it in his jacket pocket or pants, do not allow your phone to distract you from your business;
  • You should always possess a correct posture when you are sitting at your desk, to show your character and how seriously you take your business. Ideally, adjust your chair to get to a good level, comfort is worth a lot to get good results;
  • Saying “thank you” only once or twice during a conversation with a client or even co-worker, not to disclose a feeling of helplessness or a need on their part;
  • On those days when you have meetings and sometimes do not know all the people who will participate,it is good to socialize, the more people you know better, the better opportunity of business you will have.

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