How to promote your work in twitter

Twitter is a social network that covers 500 million users of various interests. The main feature of Twitter is the simple fact that its users can write each publication with a maximum of 140 characters, this seems a limitation but it is actually one of the strengths of this social network, we can have great benefits from this main feature, because twitter  as a word limit, we will be direct and effective in what we want to convey to customers.

A photographer must be always informed and updated on whats going on in the industry and what the other photographers are doing to get a clear perception of surroundings. Use Twitter also to put matters; photos, videos, events… of general interest to be attractive to new prospects and that way attract the attention of potential new customers by posting photos, videos, or even gifs, hashtags or matters quite spoken worldwide, related to your work, take advantage of the global trends to promote.

Twitter helps in the creation of online benefits, as well as other social networks portrayed in previous articles. You should never mix your personal life with professional, avoid publishing on the weekends, because not all customers will enjoy seeing something related to work during the weekend.

However, after reading this article, we come to the conclusion that Twitter is a social network that benefits greatly in advertising your work and spread the word.


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