How to promote your work in Pinterest

In this article we will be demonstrated several tips that will help you in advertise your work in the social network “Pinterest”. This social network currently has 70 million users, many of them use this application to share articles on fashion, sports, humor, health, culture; gastronomy, handicrafts, among others …

Pinterest has the ability to promote your website, mobile application or even business, by sharing your products in this social network, but only those that are most important and of general interest will help your business attract more customers and followers.

You should publish some photos and/or videos of parties, events that currently happen in your business, you can also create an album where you can post photos, videos of your work, can actually be anything related with your products and services, Try to be creative and surprise your followers, for example the creation of panels. These panels serve to enhance the views of your profile with ideas, products,  services, they are a kind of shortcut to your followers which have access to the various categories you have in your profile.

When you publish photos or videos, try to be original and do not share typical subtitles that may be giving publicity to other users of this social network, it is important to write carefully the description of this photo or video, you should insert the link to your website/blog, because if followers become interested, they will click the link and look for more information, which will be great as it will be to advertise your business.

With Pinterest, you can connect to other social networks such as facebook and other applications, and your friends, family and clients who follow you on other networks will see and possibly disclose on there profiles.

However, we can conclude that Pinterest is a new social network where business can enjoy the professional benefit, demonstrating the quality of their work, their professionalism and will assist you in spreading your business.

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