How to promote your work in Instagram

This paper will set out the various forms of how a photographer can publish their work; photos and videos on the social network “Instagram”. Instagram is an excellent tool in the dissemination of its portfolio; must possess a unique profile to show their work in a creative and sensible way towards their clients. It is important to keep your focus, creating a professional and not personal profile, you must not mix your photos; with family and/or friends, with photos creative work; such as events, photo shoots. Expected to make a good description of your work, demonstrating how professional the work is in order to attract customer attention. This should be placed in your bio of the social network.

When you create an account on Instagram, you need to choose only one topic, that is important to your business and  focus on the content and/or theme that will portray. should baser this topic only, for example, something related to fashion, or sports … Then, after thinking on the subject, and have created your account, you can use applications to put your photos in a very attractive way, to call the attention of customers and that is unusual, because people are always looking for something new, different, modern.

When you publish your photos to your profile, they must be very creative and with excellent quality, it is good to promote your work. After loading the photos should put in each of them, a description, so that the client see how responsible and organized, and professional you are on what you do. What you will help even more is trying to establish new concierges  with other photographers, makeup artist, models,  working in partnership, so both will publicize and promote their work. It is important to publish your work frequently, for example, daily, weekly or even monthly.

However, if you follow these tips, you will be able to promote your work in this social network, it must be creative, knowing how to surprise the customer and be sensible, because the customer will feel comfortable and at ease to contact you and negotiate.

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