How to promote you work with facebook

You should create a professional profile and a Business fan page where you can post photos/videos to your promote your business and attract new customers to your business. It is important to differentiate your personal profile from a  professional profile because sometimes it can come to harm your business.

Facebook helps in the process of dissemination your creative work, be creative and smart to build and disseminate to the world new horizons, which will benefit the informative and visual expansion of your business. You should not spam your family and/or friends, as these may help you to share and expand your page to their friends and so on. To draw the attention of new followers it is necessary to strive and put on the social network your best work, create album from events or even videos into your Business Fan page. As a photographer it is important to see the Facebook not only as a social network, but as an online portfolio, which will help you to spread the word to the world.

Make good offers to customers, publish projects of general interest, have great equipment so that your work has a good quality. You can also take advantage of business cards, flyers, promotions in the publication of posts and should be involved in community groups in Facebook.

Stay active, be pro-efficient, share your work and let the world know about it.

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